Saturday, October 5, 2013

30 Days of Karma: Countdown to Karma Gone Bad!

We're officially 30 days from the release of Karma Gone Bad. It's a very surreal time...full of anticipation, anxiety, joy and fear.

I'm really, really excited. 
I'm really, really scared.

To celebrate the upcoming launch (and give myself something to focus on other than being a nervous wreck), I'll be posting #30daysofKarma for the next month...snapshots from our time in India, moments of every day karma from my daily life, as well as clippings and press events for the book. I hope you'll follow along on Instagram, and I'd LOVE for you to share your own karma moments with me, via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and here on the blog as well.

What's a "karma moment"? Anything that makes you feel the energy of the universe, a specific purpose to the world around you. I believe that we can manifest our own dreams and desires in so many ways by putting good actions, specific intentions, and a lot of love and gratitude into the atmosphere around us. Karma isn't perfect. It isn't predictable, it's sometimes messy, it's always complicated. But to paraphrase one of the best quotes I've ever heard, "gratitude is the key to manifestation." One of the best ways I've found to truly bring karma and gratitude into my daily life is to pay attention--to look for those karma moments and capture them in words or photographs, or just taking that moment of acknowledgement to preserve the memory.

A perfect parking space right when you need it, some good news about a friend's illness, a door that cracks open just as others are slamming shut. Karma is everywhere. We just need to train ourselves to look. Please join me in looking for that good karma (and commiserating about the bad kind, too!) as I celebrate the very good karma (plus a lot of hard work!) that led to Karma Gone Bad.

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  1. Oh wow, great post. The most recent experience I had of Karma magic was at Walgreen's of all places. There was an elderly gentleman in line ahead of me. He was a paying for his prescriptions, he had a few, poor guy. The cashier rang up his order and gave him his total.... he was searching through his wallet, pulled out some cash, but not enough. He started feeling up all his pockets, struggling. He then said, with is head down "I will have to come back". I made up the difference for him, handing over some cash to the cashier. The gentleman looked at me, he didn't say anything aloud, he mouthed "Thank you" and gave me a long, loving gaze. We looked at each other for a moment, he then grabbed his bag and I rubbed his shoulder and he disappeared out the door. The cashier started crying, she came from behind your counter and hugged me, crying happily saying, "I needed that, maybe more then he did". You restored my faith in humanity (I don't I deserved that but if it meant that much to her I was glad). We shared a great hug and I know it impacted her day as much as it did mine -little acts of love spread like wild fire. People are so open and craving moments like this, if you have the chance, jump into the wild blue yonder of love and good karma.