Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Three Little Words

I've been waiting a long time for Baby N to utter three little words.

No words in particular, of course. Just any three. I'm not trying to rush him, and I'm not trying to compare him to his sister (because I'd NEVER do that, ahem) but as he approaches 20 months and hasn't yet mastered a sentence more sophisticated than "MOMMY COOKIE," I'm eager to see that language boom everyone talks about.

With E (not that I'm comparing, because only bad moms do that) this was never an issue. She started talking at a year; by 18 months she was fully conversant. As in, "Mommy, please unbuckle me so I can get out of the car" and "I'm hungry, can I please have a hot dog and lemonade for lunch?" and "Daddy's laptop is on the couch, DON'T TOUCH."

She learned to talk early. And talked, and talked, and talked.

Baby N mostly communicates with head nods, grunting, pointing, and arm flailing. If he's particularly emphatic on a certain point, he'll use them all together. And while he CAN say well over 50 perfectly coherent words...most of the time, he chooses not to.

I get that Baby N is his own person. And that he'll master the English language in his own time. I've gotten quite good at translating his "alien language," as E calls it. I'm prepared to wait however long it takes for him to communicate like a regular person. And not an alien.

What I wasn't prepared for?

Was for his first official three word sentence...to consist of these three.


I guess this is what happens when your fully conversant big sister teaches you phrases she in NO WAY learned at home and realizes how funny it is when you repeat them (over, and over, and over again...)

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  1. That's hilarious Jenny! My six year old son goes around the house saying ”I'm sexy and I know it.” When asked if he knows what sexy means he stated ” it's when a girl thinks a boy is handsome.” Just cherish Baby N's moments!

  2. Ahhhh! It's contagious! My six year old son sings the same freaking song! What is it with the, "I'm sexy and I know it", overtaking the six and under crowd?!?! I've never even heard this song. I too asked him what he thought it meant, and he said, "it means you're a good dancer". Dang. Guess I'll never be sexy. And Jenny, it could be worse. My sons first string of words? "Oh cwap". That one was totally my fault. And I thought I was doing so well with my potty mouth.

  3. Oh, Jenny! That is hysterical...and he's such a little comic!
    You are totally screwed...you know that, right?

  4. Adorable! E's little mischievous laugh is the best part.

  5. SO FUNNY!!! Lol, I cracked up watching. And they are so adorable together. Stephanie was the same way, chatting to me in full sentences by 18 months old. I can't even get Joseph to say "more" or do the sign for more food. He communicates by banshee screaming until I put food on his tray. Sigh. It must be a combination second child/boy thing!

  6. That is AWESOME. I was all getting ready to post about how there's a difference between comparing and marking milestones, and how Sam's late talking was an early sign of his autism, and blah blah blah.

    Shake your booty.

    Also, it wasn't a 3 word sentence.

    It was "Shake your booty, Mommy." That's four. Kid's advanced, I tell you.

  7. Actually, it was "Mommy, shake your booty"

  8. They are both the greatest! So proud of N for talking, and of E for being awesome & teaching him